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January 10, 2017

 On January 5th, we welcomed the Oshawa Hawkeyes to our CFO2 Athletics program and training facility here at CrossFit Dioxide. In our opinion, the association wide nature of this training represents the associations' intentions and conveys the understanding that movement proficiency, injury prevention and overall health has on athletic development (in every sport). 

For the younger groups, last Thursday was a general, technical introduction, while some of the junior/senior boys experienced their first stay in the CFO2 'pain cave'. 

With that said, we noticed a strong sense of unity and teamwork from the atom ranks all the way through to seniors. This team culture is not easily accomplished and can be credited to the values of the coaches and association as a whole. 


With this post we'll touch on our long-term intention of the CFO2 Athletics program and some insight into the football methodology. Throughout the weeks we hope to build open lines of communication with the coaches, players and parents in order to further support the Oshawa Hawkeyes' program.



Post workout stretch. We were happy to find out that these boys already had strong pre and post workout/practice/game routines. Good job coaches!




You can expect us to start by developing fundamentals and proficiency of movement. This ensures a solid base for our pyramid of athleticism. The wider we can make this base, the higher we can drive the peak of performance. Developing proficiency in the basics of movement also plays a huge role in the prevention of injury, which at this age, can make a significant impact on the athletes' future. Once we have established a solid understanding and execution of the movement principles, athletes can look forward to a training program that takes their athletic abilities and prowess on the field to a new level and coaches will be able to run more progressive drills in practice. 




Will not only take into account the athletes individual needs, but also their respective position on the field. For example, a defensive lineman will have different performance requirements than a wide receiver and this will be reflected in the training. Some classes will be split, based on position, and some classes will not. This is to ensure we maintain well-roundedness as athletes.


The movements, time domains, energy systems, and different strengths developed in the football program are specific to the sport itself. The nature of football is high power output in the domain of 5 to 30 seconds with 0 to 60s rest in between plays. Therefore, our training is going to replicate that nature.  


The majority of our metabolic conditioning/circuit training will be intervals 0 to 30 seconds of high output followed by a 0 to 60s rest period. All positions will be building their dynamic strength (power, speed and explosiveness) which is developing type 2/fast twitch muscle fibers as well as muscle recruitment. Linemen and tight ends specifically will also be developing absolute strength, which is strength under no time domain. The energy systems that we'll be addressing are the anaerobic A-lactic (0-10s output) for the linemen, and the glycolytic (10-60s output) for the other positions. Again, this is to develop the individual needs of our athletes, and not every session will exactly match this in order to keep the players well-rounded. In terms of specific movements, all athletes will be performing complex functional movements with varying weight and speed. Linemen will have more of a focus on manipulation of an external load (Bench Press, Back Squat, Deadlift, Power Cleans, Tire Flips, Sled Pushes, Loaded Carries, and Heavy pulling) whereas other position will have more of a focus on foot speed, plyometrics,  and manipulation of their own body (sprints, jumping, lateral movements, burpees, and more bodyweight movements).


We resume our training this Thursday and plan to pick up exactly where we left off. We encourage the players to fuel up properly before training (this will be a topic in our next blog post) and come in with game day focus and intention. 


Onwards and Upwards!

Coach Justin and Coach Adam

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